Businesses Licensed

by Pierce County

A Pierce County business license is required only for a few types of businesses.

Are you located in unincorporated Pierce County?

"YES, my business is in unincorporated Pierce County." Pierce County only requires licenses for the following businesses:

Pierce County Code Chapter 5.24 | Kennel Regulations

"NO, my business isn't in unincorporated Pierce County." We do not require a license. Please contact the city you are located in. They may require a business license.

If your business is not on the list, Pierce County does not require a license.

Every business requires a Master Business License from the State of Washington. Contact the Washington State Department of Revenue regarding a Master Business License, (253) 382-2000.


If you have a complaint about a business, call the Better Business Bureau at (206) 431-2222. You can also contact the Consumer Protection Division of the State of Washington Attorney General's Office in Olympia, Washington.

If you believe that a business is operating illegally without a license, contact the licensing agency (state, county, city, town).