177th Street E/Alward Road Property Acquisition

Pierce County is working with property owners to purchase parcels in the flood hazard zone along 177th Street East/Alward Road near Orting.

Current funding is limited to purchase willing sellers parcels. The County's goal is to purchase all of the properties along the north side of 177th/Alward Road near Carbon River mile 6.1-8.1.  

As of March 2021, the County has purchased a total of 61 properties from willing sellers. There are 20 remaining properties that the County is interested in purchasing at market value as funds become available. The County has sent letters to all remaining property owners asking them if they are interested in selling their properties. 

Existing flood protection facilities will be maintained as the acquisitions proceed. If a major flood severely damages these facilities, the County will assess the damage and decide how to proceed.


Jordan Thomas
Project Manager
(253) 798-4228
[email protected]

Property Map