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Prosecutor Lindquist Testifies on House 'Fair Share' Bill

Published: Feb 6, 2015

Prosecutor Lindquist Testifies on Senate 'Fair Share' Bill

Published: Jan 22, 2015

Domestic Violence Helpline in Pierce County Answers 26,000 Calls

Published: Oct 9, 2014

Safe Streets Helps Neighbors Prepare for National Night Out

Published: July 10, 2014

South Korean Delegates Visit Pierce County Drug Court

Published: May 8, 2014

Men of the Prosecutor's Office 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Published: May 2, 2014

Dupont Adds Citizen Policing Programs

Published: March 20, 2014

Orting Community Takes a Stand Against Crime

Published: March 6, 2014

Puyallup Police Use Social Media to Solve Crimes

Published: Feb 20, 2014

Elder Abuse Cases Are on the Rise

Published: Jan 30, 2014

Prosecutor Lindquist Testifies on Sex Offender Housing Bill

Published: Jan 30, 2014

Deputy Prosecutor Kevin McCann Appointed to District Court Judge

Published: Jul 3, 2013

Mental Health Legislation to Help Pierce County Jail

Published: May 30, 2013

Special Exhibit Honors Crime Victims

Published: Apr 25, 2013

39 Horses Rescued From Graham Farm

Published: Oct 4, 2012

Crime Stoppers Revives Cold Cases

Published: Mar 1, 2012

National Crime Victim's Week

Published: Apr 20, 2012

Gang Unit Shows Success

Published: Dec 8, 2011