Adult Entertainment

Application Process

1. All applicants are required to complete the  “Know Your Rights” training before you can apply.

You will need to print your certificate and submit with your application. You can do this training from home with a computer and printer or you can do it in our lobby on the kiosk.

The training certificate can be printed by pressing “Control P” on the keyboard when the certificate is on the screen. The printout will need to display your name and score received.

2. You will need to call South Sound 911 at 253-287-4900 to make an appointment for fingerprinting and background check. These appointments can be 3-4 weeks out. You will need to take the Sheriff supplemental with one photo to your appointment. Once you have been printed, results will be sent directly to our office.

3. Applicants will complete the application and have it notarized.

4. Submit a copy of two pieces of identification listed on the application (Driver’s License, ID Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Military ID or Naturalization Certificate).  

5. Submit 4 clear front facing photos 2x2 in size. You can print your own pictures or go to Walgreens, Walmart or any location that does passport photos.

6. Check or money order in the amount of $100.00.

7. Once you are ready to apply, mail or place the notarized application, copies of two pieces of identification, proof of training, photos, and payment in our drop box for processing. This will need to dropped off by 2:30pm at the latest if you choose to pick up the supplemental and receipt by 4:30pm.

8. Once your application is processed, you will receive a text to pick up your temporary license, supplemental with photo attached, and receipt. Upon arrival, park in the reserved “Document Pick Up” parking space and call 253-337-1319. We will place your documents in the mailbox for you to collect.  

9. The temporary is what you will need to be able to work.

10. Once we receive the approval from the Sheriff, the license will be mailed to the club.


An Adult Entertainer Dancer is a person who dances or otherwise performs for or at an erotic dance studio and seeks to arouse or excite the patrons' sexual desires.

An Adult Entertainer Manager is any person who manages, directs, administers, or is in charge of the affairs and/or conduct of any portion of any activity at an erotic dance studio.

An Erotic dance studio is a fixed place of business which emphasizes and seeks, through one or more dancers, to arouse or excite the patrons' sexual desires.


Any individual or business in unincorporated Pierce County meeting the above definitions must obtain a license from the Pierce County Auditor’s Office. These licenses are annual licenses and must be renewed upon expiration.

Applicants for a Dancer or Manager License must appear in person with two pieces of ID, such as: Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Naturalization, Passport, Military ID, or State ID Card. Applicants will also need four (4) face forward photos. Photos can be taken at our office. Applicants must pass a background check.

First time Establishment applications should review our checklist and contact our office for any questions regarding the application.

Pierce County Code Chapter 5   |   RCW 49.17.470



Business License Fees Fee Amount
Erotic Dance Studio
Adult Entertainer Manager  $100.00
Adult Entertainer  $100.00
Adult Entertainer / Manager Duplicate License $30.00