Purdy Sand Spit

Gig Harbor, Washington

The Purdy Sand Spit is an unimproved waterfront public area that runs right along SR 302. It's 7.5 acre area includes a boat launch. A great place to see water fowl such as sea gulls and blue heron. An occasional seal can be spotted too.

"The Spit" as it is called by locals, divides Burley Lagoon from Henderson Bay. It's a popular spot due to its easy beach access, just steps away from the parking spots along SR 302. During warmer weather The Spit area can get quite busy with activity from beach-comber families, pets and their owners, swimmers, boat launchers and the occasional sail boarders.
Purdy Sand Spit Map

Recreational Shellfish Season


To reach the spit, drive Highway 16 north and take the Purdy exit. This drops you on Purdy Drive Northwest. Turn left onto Highway 302 and drive over the bridge and along the spit.