Pavement Pilot Program

Pierce County applied seven pavement products along 192nd Street East in Frederickson in August and September 2014 to test their performance and cost effectiveness over multiple years.

What to expect

Six new products were applied twice in 100-foot sections along 192nd Street East between 22nd Avenue East and 38th Avenue East, in addition to one longer section of Pierce County's existing chip sealing product.

Motorists may notice different pavement colors and textures in the pilot area.

About the pilot

Pavement products are used to extend the life of county roads. A combination of materials, such as aggregate chips and liquid asphalt, are applied to existing roadway to create a new surface layer. Pierce County may decide to begin using one or more of the products in the future if they work well on Pierce County roads while lowering costs.

Pierce County will evaluate how the products age over a seven to eight-year period, take periodic core samples to see how the product is wearing and how it soaks into the road's surface layer, and assess how well it performs in winter conditions.

The products include:
  1. Slurry Seal, Type 2
  2. Mircrosurfacing, Type 2
  3. Crumb Rubber Chip Seal, Type 2 using Pierce County-provided pre-coated aggregate
  4. Crumb Rubber Chip Seal, Type 4 using Pierce County-provided pre-coated aggregate
  5. Cape Seal-combination of Number 1 and Number 3
  6. Cape Seal-combination of Number 2 and Number 3
  7. Pierce County hot applied pre-coated Chip Seal with fogseal

Additional details

192nd Street East was selected because it is a collector arterial, which means nearby residents use this road to reach a primary arterial. In this case, the primary arterial is Canyon Road East. 192nd Street East also has higher than average traffic, and higher than average truck traffic. The speed limit is 35 miles-per-hour.

Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc. was the contractor. While Pierce County road crews do apply certain types of pavement products on county roads, Pierce County wanted to test the new products using a contractor that specializes in those products to ensure quality and consistency. The section of Pierce County's existing product was applied by Pierce County road crews.

The work along 192nd Street East cost approximately $44,000. The pilot was paid for using Pierce County Road Funds.
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