Boarding Kennel or Cattery


Any premises wherein a person engages in the business of boarding cats and/or dogs for private pet owners, for all or part of a day, and for purposes other than veterinary medical procedures and observation. Any boarding kennel or cattery engaging in the business of breeding, letting for hire, selling, bartering or giving away any dogs and/or cats must be licensed as a commercial kennel or cattery.


  • Any person keeping more than ten dogs and/or cats must provide kennel facilities.
  • Kennel facilities are kennels, animal runs, enclosures, and/or any other building used for the keeping or housing of such dogs/cats. Kennel facilities shall comply with all zoning and code requirements, such as setbacks.
  • Animals kept more than sixty days will be considered owned by the person housing the animal and must be licensed under PCC 6.04.020.
  • Persons providing temporary housing must comply with PCC 5.24.030 F.
  • Each license shall expire on December 31 of the year of issuance.
Applications may be submitted in person or by mail. Please review our Animal Business Checklist for what is required to submit with the application.

Pierce County Code Chapter 5  |  Kennel Regulations  |  Chapter 16.52 RCW: PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS   |  Animal Welfare Act | National Agricultural Library  |  WAC 246-203-130

Please note first time applicants must obtain a development permit from Pierce County Planning and Public Works. For more information please contact PPW at (253) 798-3739 or review Pierce County Code 2.05.040. View information on their fees.


Animal Business Application
Animal Business Renewal


Business License Fees Fee Amount
Boarding Kennel or Cattery $200.00