Drug & Vice Unit

The Drug and Vice Unit handles felony drug and gun cases, working closely with local and federal law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking, illegal possession of controlled substances, and illegal gun possession.

The Pierce County Drug Court was established in 1994 through collaboration between Superior Court, the Prosecutor's Office, the Department of Assigned Counsel and Pierce County Alliance. This program is an alternative to imprisonment and provides court-supervised drug and alcohol treatment services for non-violent felony offenders.

Building on the success of Drug Court, a Veterans Drug Court was established in 2009. This program recognizes the service veterans give their country, as well as the unique challenges many vets face when coming home. This program provides substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling and resource assistance to felony, non-violent veteran offenders. In 2011, a veteran mentor program was implemented, in which veteran mentors support and assist veteran participants as they progress through the court and treatment process to reach their full potential as productive members of society.