Fugitive & Extradition Unit

The Fugitive and Extradition Unit handles specialized matters involving the transfer of defendants and witnesses across state and international boundaries. When a defendant charged with a crime in Pierce County flees, and is located in another state or county, the Fugitive and Extradition Unit works closely with law enforcement and prosecuting authorities throughout the United States to locate and secure the extradition of that defendant back to Pierce County. Similarly, when a fugitive from another state is located in Pierce County, the Fugitive and Extradition Unit places a criminal hold on that person pending extradition back to the state in which they are wanted for a crime.

There are also special procedures for securing the presence of witnesses from one state to another. The Fugitive and Extradition Unit helps secure the attendance of out-of-state witnesses needed in Pierce County to testify in criminal prosecutions, and also assists agencies in other states to secure the presence of witnesses who now reside in Pierce County.