Inmate Telephones

Telephone Services

Telephones are in specific areas of the housing unit and are available to inmates and offenders during specific hours. Phones are for making calls only and are shared by all those in the same housing area. Inmates and offenders cannot receive phone calls. Phone locations, hours, and length of calls allowed are governed by the housing unit rules. TTY services are available upon request for the hearing impaired individuals.

Inmates and offenders are not allowed to make non typical collect calls, 3-way calls, or unwanted calls. Most unwanted calls can be blocked or not accepted by the person receiving the call by following the phone prompts. Blocked calls can be either the specific inmate or offender or all calls from the Pierce County Jail facilities. To set up a phone block contact Securus using the link below or contact a Pierce Count Jail Reception Deputy during business hours - 253-798-4590/253-798-7710.

Calls placed can be up to 20 minutes in length, are recorded and may be monitored. The only exceptions are attorney calls. All calls are collect and subject to fees by your phone service provider and the acceptance of collect calls or by a prepaid phone account service provided by Securus.

Prepaid phone accounts are at a reduced cost per minute than regular collect calls and can be setup for a specific phone number, or a specific inmate or offender. Phone number prepaid accounts will accept all non-blocked collect calls from inmates and offenders housed in the Pierce County Jail. Prepaid accounts can be purchased using the TouchPay kiosk in the lobby of the Main Jail or New Jail during business hours or for a fee through Securus Customer Service (see link below) using a debit or credit card. Inmates and offenders can purchase prepaid minutes through commissary using funds in their inmate account. Activation instructions are listed on the back of the card.

For more information about prepaid phone cards, issues concerning phone number blocking, your prepaid phone account or to leave an inmate message contact:

Securus Customer Service
Toll Free Phone: (800) 844-6591