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The Safe Routes to School Prioritization Analysis document (Plan) serves as a tool to guide future project partnerships between the County and school districts within the urban unincorporated areas of the County to increase school walking routes by constructing sidewalks within the walk zones.

It was initially published in 2015 in cooperation with the Pierce County Council, and the Bethel, Franklin Pierce, and Puyallup School Districts. Key components of the Plan include:

  • School district's prioritized list of projects
  • Estimated project costs
  • Potential funding sources
  • Analysis of potential barriers and risks (evaluation factors) associated with the projects
The Plan will guide future coordinated efforts such as grant applications for projects to improve school walking route facilities. The projects listed within the Plan are not currently funded for engineering or construction.

Through a commitment to ongoing communication and a team approach, we can work together to minimize risk to students as they travel to school. Improved safety, reduced congestion, cleaner air, healthier children and overall reduced costs are all benefits Pierce County citizens stand to gain.

About the 2019 Update

The 2019 Update is the third edition for the Plan, and includes notable revisions such as:

  • Adds the Peninsula School District, expanding the number of partner school districts to four
  • Updates the school district's priority project lists
  • Adds two new evaluation factors - Cost Effectiveness and Community Equity
  • Adds weighted scoring to the ranking system
  • Updates the project cost model to reflect current design standards and construction costs

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