Guardianship Complaint

Guardianship Complaint

  • There must be an existing case in Pierce County Superior Court or the complaint will be rejected.
  • The complaint process applies to established guardianships only.
  • Anyone can file a complaint, it does not have to be a party to the case.
  • The complaint may be filed with the Clerk's Office or directly with the Superior Court Administrator.

Pierce County Superior Court Instructions for Filing Guardianship Cases for Unrepresented Persons

  1. Print the Washington State Pattern Court Forms:
a. Guardianship Complaint (or hand written letter, form is optional)
b. Guardianship Complaint Cover Sheet
2. Complete both forms with as much information as you can provide.

3. Completed forms should be filed with:

Pierce County Superior Court
Attn: Chris Gaddis
Court Administrator
County City Building
930 Tacoma Ave S., Room 334
Tacoma, WA 98402

Link to Washington State Pattern Forms:

Guardianship Complaint
Guardianship Complaint Cover Sheet