Permitting/Regulatory Assistance


You know your business better than anyone.  But where do you start when it's time to find a new location or expand your current operations?  We understand that the permitting process can be intimidating.  We're here to help.  We want to demystify the development process and make your project successful.

In the early stages of a development project we can help you find answers about zoning, allowed uses and the types of permits you might need.  And when you're ready, we can even help you arrange meetings with development officials to get the permit process started.

Do you have a commercial or industrial project that will be adding a significant number of new jobs and investment in the County?   We can help you identify local and State incentives and permit streamlining options that are available.


We can be most helpful with projects in unincorporated Pierce County.  But even on projects in one of the cities or towns, we can help you find information and point you in the right direction.

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To get started with your industrial or commercial development project, please contact Kevin Clegg at (253) 798-6639.