Rules & Operations

Rules & Operations Committee Responsibilities

(Taken from the Pierce County Code)

The Rules & Operations Committee shall consider and make recommendations on matters including, but not limited to: Agenda of the Council and Committees; Arts; Assignment of Ordinances, Resolution, and Other Issues to Committee; Board of Equalization; Bonds; Budget, Supplemental Budgets, Budget Goals and Proviso Compliance; Communications; Confirmations of Appointments to Boards and Commissions; Confirmation of Executive's Appointments of Department Directors; Contracts; Council Budget; County Operations; Elections and Voting; Fiscal Issues; Ethics; Information Technology; Inter-Jurisdictional Issues and Intergovernmental Agreements; Personnel and Bargaining Agreements; Performance Audits; Property Taxes and Personal Property Taxes; Purchasing for Council; and Rules and Operations of the Council.

The Rules & Operations Committee meets every Monday at 10:00 am in the Council Chambers

Ryan MelloChair
Marty Campbell
Dave Morell
Exec Pro Tem
Jani Hitchen

Committee Staff
Susan Long, Lead Staff Member
Patty Face, Committee Clerk