Shedding some light on the situation

New energy efficient lighting installed in USAR Warehouse

This fall, the Facilities Management Maintenance division and the Resource Conservation Management program teamed up to replace the old lighting in the USAR Warehouse. The old lighting was dim, outdated and inefficient.

Now you might think that replacing a whole warehouse full of fixtures would be costly and it could take years to see the financial benefits. But in this case, it will only take 5 months!

After using in-house expertise for the installation, Facilities Management replaced 19 fixtures with a total material cost of $7,450.  Then the County received a rebate for this project from Tacoma Public Utilities in the amount of $6,618. So in 5 months, the remaining cost of the project will be completely recovered in energy savings and the County will continue to save on energy costs for the lifetime of the new LED fixtures.

New brighter lights and saving money. It’s a win-win!

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