Community Initiatives: Human Trafficking

Many of the underage victims come from low-income or broken families and were sexually abused as children. As a result, they have low self-esteem and are defiant. In search of acceptance, the girls run away from home.

It’s not long before the girls are under the control of pimps, who convince, or often force, them to become prostitutes. The pimps are coercive, controlling and violent. They control all of the money, and the girls see little, if any, of what they earn.

A significant portion of prostitution transactions now take place online, on sites like Pimps take photos of the young girls and then create online ads for clients to browse.
Human trafficking cases are complex and difficult to prosecute because victims are afraid of the pimps. This makes them reluctant to participate in the legal process and they sometimes defend the pimp’s actions.

The penalties for human trafficking in Washington State are severe. The sentence for first degree human trafficking is equivalent to that of second degree murder. A convicted pimp is looking at spending approximately 25 years in prison.

The Prosecutor's Office is working with law enforcement to identify these pimps and vigorously prosecute them. Local non-profits, such as the Rebuilding Hope! Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County, are providing support services for victims of human trafficking.