Information Technology is fully committed to helping Pierce County government reach its 2030 sustainability goals. Here are several ways in which Information Technology uses innovation to limit waste and protect the environment:

  • Air quality: Online tools allow citizens to view official records and apply for permits online, thereby reducing the number of car trips to county offices.
  • Energy conservation: IT has saved energy by combining enterprise systems and adopting virtual servers. We also ensure that county devices go into "sleep" mode when possible.
  • Human Health: GIS tools assist the Facilities and Parks Departments in tracking how many trees are planted or removed at county properties.
  • Purchasing: IT purchases Energy Star certified equipment, as well as designs systems such as biometric time clocks to help departments reduce paper usage. We assist departments on going paperless.
  • Recycling: The PC Lifecycle Program promotes the reuse and proper disposal of electronic equipment. IT staff are also dedicated to recycling standard items such as paper, cans, plastics, etc. 
  • Resource Lands and Forestry: Farmers and forestry managers can freely use the Open Data Portal to find maps and geospatial data.
  • Climate Change Resilience: IT maintains public safety systems for the Sheriff’s Department and Department of Emergency Management. About My Property allows citizens to research environmental risks to their homes such as flooding. 
  • Education: The IT division educates county staff and citizens about ways to use technology in a more sustainable manner.
  • Transportation: By supporting video and audio conferencing, IT enables employees to conduct business without having to travel for meetings.
  • Water Quality: IT partners with Planning and Public Works to track water quality assets, status and history. We also work with neighboring cities to map and assess stormwater assets using GIS.
Pierce County IT supports sustainability through innovation.