Environmental Education Team

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About Us
Our four environmental educators work with students and adults in Pierce County to understand local sustainability issues and explore ways to make positive impacts on our environment.

Each person on our team brings unique, valuable skills to teaching in our community.

Cultivating Education & Sustainability

We believe that nurturing curiosity, developing skills to answer questions, a strong sense of self and the ability to lead and listen is critical to creating a vibrant, healthy and engaged community. We want to create lifelong, practical learning skills.

We also believe that the best techniques to make this happen are through integrated, hands-on activities and inquiry-based education.

We partner with people of all ages across Pierce County (outside of City of Tacoma) and see our work as collaborations and partnerships building a network of people, community groups, schools, organizations and agencies.


We cultivate relationships between communities and the environment by providing the knowledge, tools, and connections necessary for people to work, play, and learn together.


All citizens participate in a vibrant, healthy, and engaged community which reflects a holistic understanding of living systems and a reverence for all existence.
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