School Programs and Support
Our team of four environmental educators work to cultivate relationships between communities and the environment. We provide knowledge, tools and connections necessary for people to work, play and learn together.

Our Approach
We believe that nurturing curiosity, developing skills to answer questions, a strong sense of self and the ability to lead is critical to creating a vibrant, healthy and engaged community. We want to create lifelong, practical learning skills.

We also believe that the best techniques to make this happen are through integrated, hands-on activities and inquiry-based education.
Program Examples by Grade
Recycle at School
We offer recycling program assistance to all school districts and private schools in Pierce County (outside of Tacoma).

Our team of recycling experts can:

  • Assess your school's current recycling program
  • Update materials—including stickers, posters and purchasing up to ten recycling bins
  • Present recycling information to staff/teacher meetings or student groups (Green Teams, student council, etc.)
  • Offer educational programs for classrooms focused on recycling
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Green Teams
If you are interested in starting up a green team at your school, or you have an existing green team that needs support, please reach out to see how we can help!

Why should your school have a green team?

  • Allows for student leadership! Students drive the program, what they do as a club, learn how to reach out to administrators for change, etc.
  • Empower students who have passion and drive to create a more sustainable school environment!
  • Students can build their portfolios and gain community service type volunteer hours.

We can support green teams in these ways:

  • Guidance on how to start a green team, tips on maintaining the team.
  • Help with waste sorts. Dive deep into what the school is throwing away (in the garbage and the recycling), learning how to interpret that data, and how to use that data to drive change.
  • Provide “technical support” to get the school proper signage and bins, work with haulers and administration to get the right amount or size of bins.
  • Be a guest speaker, help with tours of the landfills, share resources and local data, articles, and videos to learn from and grow student passion!