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Our team of four environmental educators work to cultivate relationships between communities and the environment. We provide knowledge, tools and connections necessary for people to work, play and learn together.

Our Approach

We believe that nurturing curiosity, developing skills to answer questions, a strong sense of self and the ability to lead is critical to creating a vibrant, healthy and engaged community. We want to create lifelong, practical learning skills.

We also believe that the best techniques to make this happen are through integrated, hands-on activities and inquiry-based education.

**Please Note: Our service area covers public and private schools in Pierce County, outside the City of Tacoma**

Register Now - STEAM Education for Climate Literacy (Teacher Workshop Series)

We are happy to announce the third year of an inter-agency partnership to offer professional development and clock hours. The 2023 STEAM Education for Climate Literacy series is from the environmental educators at Pierce Conservation District, Pierce County, City of Tacoma, and Tacoma Public Utilities. We are each offering a class with local ties to Tacoma and Pierce County and our systems in relation to climate change. 

Learn more and register here.

EnviroEd Class at Cougar Mountain Middle School
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