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Pierce County is supporting community-generated solutions to issues faced by community members in the Clear Creek watershed. Pierce County conducted a facilitated process in which the community worked together to create solutions that achieved results desired by the people who live and work there. The county selected a consultant who held stakeholder interviews. These interviews were conducted to help the team better understand landowners’ and other interested parties’ motivations, values and concerns to facilitate a community-driven solution. The results of these interviews were also used to help staff prepare for workshops held in early 2019.

Along with the release of the draft Strategy Plan, Pierce County held a 60-day comment period. We received a small amount of comments from residents and project partners and did not expect substantive changes in the updated Strategy Plan. With the closing of the 60-day comment period, Pierce County worked in 2020 to revise the Strategy Plan.

If you have additional comments for the revised Strategy Plan or would like to schedule a meeting or conference call, please contact Angela Angove at [email protected] or 253-798-2460. 

To learn more about the strategy plan, please review the frequently asked questions.

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