Relocation of Structure

Application Checklist showdescrip.png
Building Permit Applicationshowdescrip.png
Site Plan showdescrip.png
Structural Engineering Calculations showdescrip.png
showdescrip.pngBuilding Construction Drawings
Site Development Permit showdescrip.png
Driveway Approach Permitshowdescrip.png
Emergency Vehicle Access showdescrip.png
Energy Information Form showdescrip.png
Fire Flow / Water Availabilityshowdescrip.png
Fire Flow Credit Checklist (greater than 5,000 square feet)
Fire Flow Credit Checklist (under 5,000 square feet)
Residential Sewer Permitshowdescrip.png
Approved Hauler showdescrip.png
For the following forms, contact the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department to determine the level of review.
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