Basic and Advanced Abbreviated Plan

Basic Abbreviated Plan

Typically required for smaller projects that only need to meet Minimum Requirements 2 and 4 of Pierce County's Stormwater Management and Site Development Manual.

Advanced Abbreviated Plan

For projects that trigger Minimum Requirements 1 to 5.

Submittal Requirements

Application Checklist

The Application Checklist provides the list of individual documents that are required for a complete application for engineering projects.

Site Development Drawings

Site development drawings provide specific details, dimensions and construction standards for a project that show how the property will be modified to accommodate an applicant's proposed development and comply with Pierce County's regulations pertaining to stormwater, grading, vehicle access and critical area regulations. 

See Volume I, Sections 3.3.2 and 3.3.3

Supporting Documents and Calculations

The type of supporting documents and calculations that are necessary depend on the type of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that an applicant chooses for a project and the characteristics of a site. Typical supporting documents and calculations are downspout infiltration sizing calculations, rain garden sizing calculations, downstream analyses, and infeasibility analysis.

Construction SWPPP Narrative

A construction SWPPP Narrative is a report that addresses how pollution will be controlled during the construction of a project. There are thirteen elements that need to be considered and addressed. Abbreviated plans have the option to use the standard SWPPP form.  

See Volume I, Section 3.3.5 and Volume II, Section 2.2.1

Soils Report

In order to comply with Minimum Requirement #5 (Volume 1, Section 2.4.5), a soils report must be submitted that includes soil surveys, soil test pits, soil grain analyses and infiltration testing results. The soils report must be prepared by a professional soil scientist, licensed onsite sewage designer, professional engineer, or professional geologist. 

See Volume I, Section 3.2.8

Establishment of Maintenance Covenant

The Maintenance Covenant for an abbreviated plan is a document that is recorded on a parcel that requires a property owner to maintain the stormwater management facilities (permeable pavement, downspout infiltrations, rain gardens, bioretention, etc.) that are constructed on a site. The covenant contains maintenance instructions for each facility type. 

See Volume I, Section 3.3.7