Gates are often used to secure driveways, businesses, properties, and construction sites. A permit may be required.

Do I need a gate permit?

To ensure fire or police vehicles can access your home or business during an emergency, you may need a permit to install a gate.

  • A residential gate permit is required for gates across the main driveway leading to your home, garage, or other outbuildings. 
  • A non-residential gate permit is required for gates across driveways serving commercial or industrial uses and across private roads or shared accesses.
  • A gate permit is not required for gates across driveways that do not provide emergency vehicle access.

Detailed information on gate requirements can be found in the Manual of Design Guidelines and Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction Section 5-5 (PDF pg. 54) and Appendix A (begins at PDF pg. 68).

In addition to a gate permit, your project may require a site development permit. We recommend you contact us to verify the requirements for your property.