Floodplain Review

A Floodplain Review Application is required when a project is located in a potential flood hazard area.
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showdescrip.pngFloodplain Elevation Certificate
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Helpful Video Series

The Community Rating System (CRS) Program has 8 videos that cover training on the FEMA Elevation Certificate (EC). The videos describe each section of the EC and explain which fields on the form are required for CRS purposes and why. Each video explains the most common errors that are seen on the forms and how to avoid them. There are also 2 videos covering general issues associated with ECs such as form date rules, page rules, how to handle annexations, how to handle Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) changes after a building is permitted, and how to document different kinds of buildings. And lastly, there is a video on how to correct an EC once you find one with errors. 


The videos should be watched beginning with Section A of the form, and ending with “How to Correct an Elevation Certificate.” 

The video series can be found on this website: CRS Elevation Certificate Training Series - YouTube 

The videos are:

  • How To Fill Out Section A For CRS Purposes
  • How to Fill Out Section B For CRS Purposes
  • How to Fill Out Section C & D For CRS Purposes
  • How to Fill Out Section E & F For CRS Purposes
  • How to Fill Out Section G For CRS Purposes
  • General Issues, Part 1
  • General Issues, Part 2
  • How To Correct an Elevation Certificate