Floodplains for the Future: Puyallup, White & Carbon Rivers

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Floodplains for the Future—Puyallup, White & Carbon Rivers is a cross-sector and inter-organizational partnership hosted by Pierce County in order to recover floodplain functions and to protect the health and safety of communities around them. Floodplains for the Future works to balance farm, fish, and flood management values, to provide a safe place to voice varied opinions and needs, and to advance integrated floodplain management solutions in the Puyallup, White, and Carbon Rivers. 
Visit this page to access studies, reports, videos, and other resources related to this collaborative effort.

  1. Land Acquisition & Consruction 
  2. Farming in the Floodplain Project 
  3. Agricultural Land Conservation
  4. Habitat Science Committee
  5. Floodplain Health Monitoring

Land acquisition within floodways has a primary goal of moving people out of harm’s way. These acquisitions are made from willing sellers who have experienced repetitive flooding on their property or are likely to experience flooding in the future.

A secondary goal of moving people out of harm’s way is the potential to construct projects that provide additional flood protection, improve habitat, and support agricultural. These complex projects are estimated to take many years to complete.

Pierce County Planning and Public Works and municipal public works departments in the Puyallup Watershed participate in Floodplains for the Future. Working together makes it possible to coordinate flood management activities and property acquisition programs with other interests in order to better serve Pierce County.