Community Plan Updates

Pierce County recently updated community plans for the Frederickson, Mid-County, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland, and South Hill communities. Each update included a review of individual community issues and identified issues that are common to all four areas. These plans were updated simultaneously because they make up the majority of the County’s central urban growth area. The major roads through the areas are connected, as are many of the issues facing these communities such as: rapid growth, traffic, jobs, and housing.


The Community Plan Updates are now effective as of October 1, 2021.

The Pierce County Code, PublicGIS and CountyView GIS systems are up to date.



Initial submittal files contain all source documents

Ordinances adopting Community Plan Updates 

  • 2020-102s: Implementing Regulations (Titles 17B, 18A, 18B, and 18J)
  • 2020-103s: Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • 2020-98s2: Frederickson Community Plan update
  • 2020-97s2: Mid-County Community Plan update
  • 2020-96s2: Parkland-Spanaway-Midland Communities Plan update
  • 2020-99s2: South Hill Community Plan update

Subsequent Ordinances

  • Ordinance No. 2021-49 (Growth Management Hearings Board Appeal Settlement Agreement)
  • Pierce County Council also adopted a set of emergency ordinances on February 23, 2021 that moves the effective date of the proposed updates to the Frederickson, Mid-County, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland and South Hill Community Plans to October 1, 2021.

Other Resources 

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