2023 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

2023 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
The Pierce County Comprehensive Plan guides the County’s overall strategy for growth and development over the next 20 years. It sets the goals and policies for items such as land use, economic development, housing, transportation, and the environment. Every two years, the County accepts applications for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Approved amendments can result in changes to land use and zoning designations and regulations.

Information on Process
 Please refer to the Guidelines document for additional information about the amendments, timelines and process.


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Pierce County Council Initiated Comprehensive Plan Amendments Under Review

On September 28, 2022, the Pierce County Council adopted Resolution No. 2022-135 initiating amendments to the Comprehensive Plan for Pierce County for the 2023 Plan Amendment cycle. This resolution requests the Planning and Public Works Department to conduct an environmental review, evaluate initiated amendments and forward the associated reports to the affected land use advisory committees and Planning Commission for review and recommendation back to the County Council by February 15, 2023.

Area-Wide Map Amendments

Application No. Land Use Action No. *ApplicantDescriptionLUAC Planning Commission 
993797994135Cross Creek PartnersRedesignate 14 parcels totaling 38.5 acres from High Density Residential to Corridor (implemented with Employment Corridor zoning) in the Mid-County Community Plan.
Mid-County TBA 
994554994726Pierce County Planning and Public Works
Redesignate three parcels totaling 2.25 acres from the High Density Single Family (HSF) designation to the High Density Residential (HRD) designation with a Moderate-High Density Residential (MHR) zone classification in the South Hill Community Plan.

 South Hill 
994600994729Tacoma WaterRedesignate 3 parcels totaling 95.09 acres from Moderate Density Single Family to Public Institution within the South Hill Community Plan.
South HillTBA 
993438993730Graham LLCRedesignate 1 parcel totaling 1.5 acres from MSF to MUD (implemented with MHR zoning) in the Graham Community Plan.GrahamTBA

Comprehensive Plan Text Amendments

Application No.Land Use Action No. *
Applicant DescriptionLUAC Planning Commission
994421994585Clover Creek PowerNOTE: APPLICATION WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT, PPW NO LONGER PROCESSING. Amendment to ensure utility-scale battery energy storage projects are permitted in Pierce County.

Community Plan Amendments

Application No.Land Use Action No. *
Applicant Description LUAC Planning Commission 
994137Cross Creek PartnersMid-County Community Plan Amendment to eliminate the High-Density Residential Designation from the Plan area.
994599994728Tacoma WaterSouth Hill Community Plan Amendment to establish the Public Institution designation within the Plan Area.
South HillTBA 
Momentum LLCGraham Community Plan Amendment would authorize the permitted size of agricultural supply sale structures in the Rural Neighborhood Center and Rural Ten zones based on the parcel size and compatibility with neighboring uses.
994582Clover Creek PowerNOTE: APPLICATION WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT, PPW NO LONGER PROCESSING. Federickson Community Plan Amendment to encourage utility-scale battery energy storage projects in the Employment Center Designation.

*The land use action number shall be used to show reviewer comments and uploaded documents on Pierce County online permit site.

We welcome applicants to contact us ahead of time to review your application forms and answer any questions prior to submittal.

Angie Silva
Long Range Planning Manager