2023 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Amendments to the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan are considered every two years. Applications for the 2023 will be accepted July 1, 2022 to August 1, 2022. 

The Pierce County Comprehensive Plan guides the County’s overall strategy for growth and development over the next 20 years. It sets the goals and policies for items such as land use, economic development, housing, transportation, and the environment. Every two years, the County accepts applications for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Approved amendments can result in changes to land use and zoning designations and regulations. 

Information on Process

Please refer to the Guidelines document for information about the amendments, timelines and process.


A total of $3,000.00 fee for each initiated Comprehensive Plan amendment is required:
  • A non-refundable submittal fee of $500.00 is required at time of application submission.
  • If the County Council approves to initiate the proposed amendment, the remaining $2,500.00 fee shall be required within ten (10) working days after the initiation by the Pierce County Council.
  • Applications requesting to re-designate property(ies) to Agricultural Resource Land (ARL) are exempt from processing fees.
If an applicant fails to pay the required fee, staff will be unable to proceed with the review of an application(s), and this will result in the expiration and cancellation of an application(s).
We welcome applicants to contact us ahead of time to review your application forms and answer any questions prior to submittal.

Dan Cardwell
Senior Planner
(253) 798-7039

Update Cycle

Pierce County staff have also begun work on a separate required updated known as the Growth Management Act (GMA) Periodic Update Cycle

This update aligns the Plan internally and with changes to state law and planning policies. The Update Cycle is a lengthy process that can take over 2 years to complete so we can make thoughtful, informed decisions about the future of our communities.