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Pierce County owns and manages levee properties along the rivers. Some of the properties can be used for limited, light recreation purposes such as walking and fishing, as long as that use does not conflict with the property's purpose of flood risk reduction. These properties can be closed to public use at any time with no prior notice, however the county will make an effort to update maps in response to permanent closures.

Rules of access

These properties are not parks and do not provide the facilities and services of parks. They should be used at your own risk. Access locations are shown on the maps below, please check the map before using the property to ensure access has not been restricted.

All properties are subject to the following rules and any additional rules posted on the property:
-Use properties at your own risk, hazards may exist
-Property access is prohibited during flood events or when properties are under construction
-No motorized access, including off-road vehicles and motorcycles
-Pets must be leashed at all times, pick up and pack out pet waste
-No trash facilities exist on properties, pack out anything you bring in
-No camping or overnight use
-No fires or fireworks
-Do not block the access gate

Do not trespass on adjoining private properties. Levees often continue onto private property, and these areas are not open to the public. Entrance signs will be marked with information about public areas. In many cases, property lines are not clearly marked. Property users are not allowed to trespass on adjoining private properties. If you are asked to leave private property, do so immediately. Problems with trespassing on private property adjacent to public access points may result in closure of public access points.

Access Point Maps

To Report Problems

Emergency: Dial 911
Sheriff non-emergency to report criminal activity no longer in progress: (253) 798-4721
Non-emergency to report related to Public Works property: (253) 798-2725