122nd Avenue East - Sunrise Parkway East to 152nd Street East (CRP 5786)

What's Happening

Engineering: We are preparing the final engineering for the project.

Land: We will begin working with the adjacent property owners to acquire additional property rights needed to construct the project in January of 2023.

Image of the project vicinity map.
Image of the road project.

About the Project

Planned improvements to the 122nd Avenue East corridor from Sunrise Parkway East to 152nd Street East are intended to enhance safety, increase capacity, and relieve traffic congestion. Improvements will include the following:

  • Adding two southbound through lanes.
  • Adding a northbound left-turn lane.
  • The two-way left-turn lane will transition into dual southbound left-turn lanes.
  • Install cement concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalks.
  • Install an enclosed storm drainage system, and water quality treatment and flow control facilities.
  • Install street lighting.
  • Install a new traffic signal system at Sunrise Parkway East.
Image of the proposed roadway section.

Project Timeline

March 2018 to April 2022: Complete preliminary engineering and right-of-way plans.

May 2022 to January 2027: Right-of-way acquisition, environmental permitting, produce final construction plans, engineers estimate, and contract documents.

Early 2027: Advertise for Construction.

Contact Us

Letticia M. Neal, P.E.
Transportation Improvement Section Manager
Phone: (253) 798-7041

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