About Homeless Programs

Pierce County Human Services Homeless Programs supports a crisis response system in which the experience of homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring. Our goal is an integrated, adaptable and responsive network of services that supports stability and self-determination for everyone - regardless of economic or social circumstances, and regardless of where they live in the community. Our funding comes from federal, state and local sources.

We value collaboration. The full engagement of all who live here - across the civic, social, philanthropic, and business sectors - is the only way to ensure a comprehensive and effective response. We prioritize compassion, both for those experiencing homelessness directly and those who struggle with its impact on their families and neighborhoods.

We prioritize equity, because we know that the human consequences of inequity affect us all. We work to identify the systemic barriers that keep people from securing and maintaining housing, and we will advocate to undo them.

Learn more about our homeless programs. Funding Sources

Learn more about our funding sources.