Chambers Bay Resort

Pierce County in partnership with Chambers Bay Development is planning to construct a resort hotel, golf course support amenities, clubhouse, event space and restaurant and other facilities on a section of the Chambers Creek Regional Park. No current park space or portion of the golf course will be utilized for this development. At this time it is proposed the existing trail near the clubhouse will be re-routed for additional functionality.

This information is intended to inform the residents of Pierce County about the steps being taken to facilitate this resort project. More information will be made available as the process moves forward. 

Chamber Bay Resort Ground Lease Agreement

Pierce County executed the ground lease agreement with Chambers Bay Development on June 24, 2019.

Resort Timeline

  • January- July 2016-RFQ Process
  • Spring 2016- Chambers Creek Master Site Plan Process Kicks off
  • May-October 2016- Public Outreach on Proposals
  • October 2016- Chambers Bay Development selected at preferred developer for resort development
  • October 2016 to May 2017- Negotiate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chambers Bay Development
  • June 2017- MOU executed with Chambers Bay Development
  • Spring 2016-Summer 2017- Public Outreach on draft Chambers Creek Regional Park Master Site Plan
  • Sept 2017- Council approves Chambers Creek Regional Park Master Site Plan
  • December 2018- The Council is presented with Ground Lease Agreement
  • Early 2019- Council formally considers ground lease proposal.
  • May 2019- Final passage of Ground Lease Agreement 
  • June 2019- Executive signed Ground Lease Agreement
  • TBD- Begin Resort Construction
  • Date TBD- Open Resort

Memorandum of Understanding 

between Pierce County and Chambers Bay Development

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Selected Concept Proposal
Chambers Bay Development, LLC Proposal

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Additional Documents:

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