Home-Delivered Meals

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For the most recent information about home-delivered meals and other Aging and Disability Resources services and programs, please contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 253-798-4600.

The Home-Delivered Meals Program (known elsewhere as 'Meals on Wheels') delivers nutritionally-balanced meals during the day to homebound persons - people with disabilities, seniors, people recuperating at home or who have limited mobility, people who have limited mobility or who cannot cook. The meals are delivered frozen, ready for microwave or oven.

Usually a whole week's worth of meals are delivered at a time. Special diet meals are available. Unlike some frozen meals purchased at the grocery store, these meals assure individuals receive at least one nutritionally healthy, balanced meal each day. Home-delivered meals are provided by Catholic Community Services, Lutheran Community Services Northwest and Mom's Meals.

Catholic Community Services

The Home-Delivered Meals Program offers frozen home-delivered meals for older persons who are unable to leave their home to shop or prepare nutritious meals. The meals are prepared with the special dietary needs of seniors in mind and are adaptable to a variety of special diets. There are 30 entrees and five breakfast choices. Complete nutritional information and ''sight impaired'' menus are available upon request. Contact Catholic Community Services at 253-474-1300.

Eligibility for meals:
  • Be 60 years of age or older
  • Be homebound, unable to drive
  • Not be living with a caregiver that drives
  • Not have a paid caregiver authorized to cook and shop for them
Contribution Policy
Suggested contribution for each meal is $2. Each client may receive up to seven meals a week delivered to their door. Delivery days depend on client location availability. No eligible person will be denied meals if unable to make a contribution.

Meal Description
The meals arrive in plastic containers that can be re-heated either in a microwave or conventional oven. They are rectangular in shape, 8 ½ inches long and 6 ½ inches wide. This size and shape make them easy to stack and fit into small freezer spaces.

Application Process
The application process is to contact the Catholic Community Services Home-Delivered Meals Program at (253) 474-1300. The staff will complete the application by phone. The assessor will call the client to verify the information on the application and set up a delivery schedule. The zip code determines the delivery day.

Luth​eran Community Services Northwest

The Meals on Wheels at Lutheran Community Services offers frozen home-delivered meals to seniors and disabled people. This program has no age restriction and is available to anyone who is unable to get to the store or has trouble cooking for themselves. There is a choice of 22 different frozen lunch / dinner menu items and four choices for breakfast.

Application Process
Contact the Lutheran Community Services Meals on Wheels Program at (253) 272-8433 ext 225 or (800) 335-8433. An application will be sent to you or you can fill one out online. After receiving the completed application, a Meals on Wheels representative will contact you to review the application and take your first order. Further orders can be ordered by either mail or phone. Seven or more meals must be order at one time.

Mom's Meals

Mom's Meals is a USDA-approved and inspected fresh food preparation and delivery business dedicated to providing nutritionally sound, fresh meals. Mom's Meals prepares, packages and ships fresh, ready-to-heat and eat meals directly to customers.

Clients have their choice of up to 50 diabetic-appropriate breakfast, lunch and dinner meal options for each delivery, including culturally diverse meals. Meals are designed by our team of executive chefs and registered dietitians and are prepared by our kitchen staff in our USDA approved and inspected facility.

All meals are delivered by FedEx. Every meal has a USDA nutritional label, a use by date, and simple microwave heating instructions. Mom's Meals is an approved state waiver provider for home delivered meals. Call  1-888-726-4677 or e-mail for more information. For Private Pay, order online or call at (866) 971-MOMS.