Transportation Benefit District (TBD)

Meeting Information
Please note:  The November 6, 2018, meeting of the Executive Committee has been canceled.

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Please note:  The October 16, 2018, meeting of the Board of Governors has been canceled.

Board of Governors Meeting Packet

About the TBD

The Pierce County Transportation Benefit District (TBD) has been created pursuant to Chapter 36.73 of the Revised Code of Washington and Pierce County Ordinance No. 2014-28, as amended.

The TBD is a quasi-municipal corporation and independent taxing district created for the sole purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, providing, and funding transportation improvements within the district. In accordance with state law, the TBD is governed by the members of the Pierce County Council acting in an ex officio and independent capacity.

  1. TBD Board of Governors
  2. TBD Executive Committee
  • Douglas G. Richardson, Chair
  • Connie Ladenburg, Vice Chair
  • Dan Roach
  • Pam Roach
  • Jim McCune
  • Rick Talbert
  • Derek Young