Regulations that apply to the Knutsen Farms project

Pierce County Comprehensive Plan (Title 19A) 6/1/2014

 Pierce County Development Regulations – General Provisions (Title18) 6/1/2014

 Development Regulations – Zoning (Title 18A) as amended, effective  6/1/2014
18A.10.020 List of Zone Classifications
18A.18.010 Urban Zone Classifications and Use Table
18A.33 Use Category Descriptions
18A.35 Parking
18A.35.040. E.2 Reducing Minimum Parking 
18A.75.020 Administrative Use Permit

Development Regulations – Design Standards & Guidelines (Title 18J) 6/1/2014
18J.10 General Provisions, 18J.15 Countywide Design Standards and Guidelines

Community Plan as amended 6/1/2014
18J.100 Alterton-McMillin Community Plan Area Design

Land Divisions and Boundary Changes (18F)  as amended, effective 6/1/2014 
18F.50 Short Subdivisions and Large Lot Divisions

Shoreline Management Regulations – Title 20 Adopted April 1975, Recodified effective 2/22/98
Chapter 20.14 Conservancy Environment
Chapter 20.72 Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
Chapter 20.76 General Provisions

Construction and Infrastructure Regulations (17A) 3/1/2005
17A.10 General Provisions
17A.20 Guarantees, Deeds, and Easements
18A.30 Earthwork
17A.40 Stormwater Drainage
17A.50 Floodplain Management 

Development Regulations – Environmental (Title 18D) 6/1/2012
18D.10 General Provisions
18D.40 Environmental Review

Development Regulations – Critical Areas (Title 18E) 2/1/2011
18E.10 General Provisions
18E.20 Use and Activity Regulations
18E.30 Wetlands
18E.40 Regulated Fish and Wildlife Species and Habitat Conservation Areas
18E.50 Aquifer Recharge and Wellhead Protection Areas
18E.60 Volcanic Hazard Areas
18E.70 Flood Hazard Areas