Home Modifications

What is Home Modification?

Home modification is adaptation to the living environment intended to increase ease of use, safety, security and independence. Some home modifications include:

  • Lever door handles that operate easily with a push
  • Handrails on both sides of staircase and outside steps
  • Ramps for accessible entry and exit
  • Walk-in shower
  • Grab bars in the shower and by the toilet and the tub
  • Hand-held, flexible shower head
  • Lever-handed faucets that are easy to turn on and off
  • Sliding shelves and Lazy Susan in corner cabinet
  • ''C'' or ''D'' ring handles on cabinet doors and drawers for easy gripping

Promote Independence & Prevent Accidents

Home Modification can promote independence and prevent accidents.

  • Older structures deteriorate and contribute to falls and injuries.
  • One-third of in-home accidents can be prevented by simple fixes.
  • Home modification can help people remaining independent and injury-free.
  • Modifications can enhance comfort, increase safety and prevent injury.
  • Removing barriers and safety hazards also help reduce stresses.

See Homemods.org for more information.

CAPS Contractors

Certified Aging In Place Specialists are contractors who have undergone extensive training in home remodeling for older adults and individuals with disabilities. Their background will help homeowners better prepare to age in place, to remain in their home for the long term. Learn more about CAPS contractors in Pierce County.

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