2013 IT Awards

2013 Digital Government Achievement Award (Honorable Mention) 
Pierce County's mobile internship has been recognized for excellence in driving digital government. The internship program provides students with real-world experience in creating mobile apps for the public and county departments. Students learn the latest software tools and gain skills that are in high demand with companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing. 

2013 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award for Emergency Management
Pierce County Emergency Management and Information Technology won an achievement award for the Damage Assessment mobile app. By taking advantage of the latest mobile technology, Pierce County has found a cost effective way to ensure accurate, real-time tracking of infrastructure damage during an emergency. 

2013 NACo Achievement Award for County Administration and Management
The Pierce County Auditor's Office and IT won an achievement award for completing a major voter redistricting project in record time. The election team successfully remapped 503 voting precincts within 154 election districts in five weeks. These efforts saved considerable money while ensuring 100 percent accuracy. 

2013 Employee Incentive and Recognition Standing Ovation Awards
Pierce County IT won two Standing Ovation Awards in the Innovation and Partnership categories. Two staffmembers were recognized for building a partnership with local universities via the mobile internship program. IT and District Court employees received an award for creating online chat and self-scheduling tools that have greatly reduced the large number of calls and in-person visits to District Court.