Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services completes indigency screenings for court-appointed attorneys for people charged with criminal matters and respondents of contempt motions in Pierce County Superior Court and criminal matters in Pierce County District Court. To be screened for a court-appointed attorney, please contact 253-798-3781 for further information. 

Pretrial Services additionally completes a risk assessment for those charged in Pierce County Superior Court and provides monitoring for defendants referred to Pretrial Services while their cases are pending. Pretrial Services provides monitoring through scheduled office and telephonic appointments; court and appointment reminder calls, text messages, and/or email; transportation support for court appearance; and referrals to community agencies for voluntary services.

In 2019, Pierce County Superior Court Pretrial Services was chosen to participate as a Research-Action Site in the national Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR) initiative. Working in partnership with researchers and justice experts, this effort will result in improvements to our pretrial justice system in ways that prioritize the safety of our residents, reduce discrimination based on wealth and race, and ensure that pretrial detention is reserved for those who jeopardize public safety, are at risk of flight, or interfering with the administration of justice.  

Contact Us

  1. 930 Tacoma Ave S Room 108
    Tacoma, WA 98402
    Phone: 253-798-3781
    Text only: 253-777-0639

    Office Hours (excluding government holidays)