2017 Credit Program Changes

In January 2017, Pierce County Council approved modifications to the Surface Water Management credit program.

Existing Participants

  • All participants previously enrolled in the program prior to January 1, 2017 may remain in the program through 2027. Beginning in 2018 a gradual decrease in the allotted credit percentage will begin. However, only existing parcels whose annual credit exceeded $12,500 will see a reduction over the ten year phase out period. The remainder of parcels should expect their current credit percentage to be unchanged until they are ultimately removed on December 31, 2027.
  • Existing participants will continue to receive annual and five-year re-certification forms. Forms will continue to be sent out in early August and are due back by October 1. 
  • Pierce County will continue to perform annual inspections of your stormwater facilities. Any identified deficiencies need to be corrected prior to resubmitting the form and the October 1 deadline in order to remain in the program the following year. Pierce County will deliver inspection results no later than July 1, leaving a minimum of three months to correct any deficiencies. 
  • The Surface Water Management Utility shall use any revenue gains, resulting from credit reductions, to offset future rate increases for all rate payers.

New participants

  • New applicants must demonstrate compliance with current development standards. The application for new applicants is due June 1. This replaces the old submission date of October 1. 
  • New applicants must complete the development process including the performance bonding period prior to acceptance into the program.
  • The credit percentage, or reduction in stormwater management fees, is now fixed 30% (excepting for rainwater harvesting systems which may earn 10%). Partial credit is no longer permitted. This replaces the old sliding scale of 10% to 85%. 
  • The entire drainage system serving the site must meet current standards to apply. No longer will partial credit be allowed for a combination system - new combined with old. 
  • Once a site is accepted into the program the credit term is five years. This replaces the indefinite term of the original program. Sites are free to re-apply at the end of the five-year period provided the site continues to meet current standards. 
  • Continued annual participation is based on compliance with Pierce County maintenance standards, as verified by annual inspection, performed by Pierce County staff. The annual and five-year certification forms have been eliminated for new participants. 
  • Pierce County shall notify participants no later than July 1 or any maintenance deficiencies with a deadline of October 1 to complete repairs in order to remain in the program the following year. 
  • Right of Entry documents have been eliminated for most applicants. A Right of Entry form will still be required where pre-existing maintenance covenants do not exist such as with agricultural properties.