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  1. A lot to learn

    Albert Einstein once said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”  If that doesn’t motivate you to be a life-long learner, I am not sure what will!  I prefer to think of it in the positive, learning is key to growing – both professionally and...

  2. Thankful!

  3. From time immemorial

  4. Service and sacrifice

  5. Three cheers – and then some!

  6. Have you done it, yet?

    The time has come to carry out one of your most important responsibilities as a citizen – voting!  In fact, voting is so important that this blog is coming out early this week.  Ballots were mailed out last Friday, so most of them should have already...

  7. Building hope

  8. She’s yar!

  9. Representation matters

  10. The 300

  11. Witnessing history

  12. Falling for fall

  13. Oh poop!

  14. Continuing to Serve

  15. From over there to here

  16. Can you figure it out?

  17. How we doin’?

  18. Tying the knot

  19. As good as it gets

  20. In the matrix

    In the popular “Matrix” movies, the main character is named Neo.  His name reflects the Greek prefix for “new” since he gets a new identity during the film. At Pierce County we also have a “Neo” that reflects new people but ours is an acronym: NEO. ...