Juvenile Court Adoption Services

“We look forward to helping you complete your adoption, due to COVID-19 there have been changes made to how the court is completing adoptions. Please contact Rebecca Via by email at Rebecca.via@piercecountywa.gov or by phone 253-798-7978 before proceeding, to discuss options.”

Responsibilities of Adoption Services

The adoption department is responsible for reviewing and filing all adoption reports involving children under the age of eighteen. All adoption reports, whether completed by this office or by private providers or agencies, are submitted to Pierce County Adoptions for filing with the court.
The Pierce County Adoption Coordinator accepts referrals for stepparent reports, relative and homestudies. The request for these services can come from the attorney representing the adoptive parents or the family directly if they are not represented by an attorney.

Request for a Report

The request for a report consists of:
  • A Pierce County Referral Contract
  • A check for the designated amount
  • Copies of the initial adoption pleadings, i.e. Petition for Adoption, Consents from the relinquishing parents after they have been filed

Confidential Intermediaries

Pierce County Adoptions also works with confidential intermediaries who are approved by the court to gather information in adoptive searches.

After the finalization of an adoption, all files are sealed and can only be opened by court order. Adult adoptees can hire a confidential intermediary to get a court order to get birth information and search for birth parents.