Meridian Habitat Park Phase 2 - Courtyard Project

Bid 1903

Bids Due:  6/23/17 - 1:00 PM PST (REVISED)


Questions and requests to be placed on the Planholder's List: Email Jana Prince, [email protected], to have your firm added to the Holder's List for this Bid.


BASIC WORK: Construction of a paved courtyard south of the existing community building with associated site improvements and utility and sub-base preparation for a restroom building. The work proposed includes all the necessary permits, fees, materials, equipment, labor, and related items to construct improvements to Meridian Habitat Park located at 14422 Meridian East, Puyallup, WA 98375. 

Work generally includes but is not limited to: mobilization, temporary construction fencing, temporary erosion and sediment control, existing vegetation protection, clearing and grubbing, demolition, stormwater drainage improvements, grading, extension of and installation of new utilities, concrete paving, crushed rock paving, asphalt paving, rain garden installation, site furnishings, relocation of an electrical panel, septic system with a new connection to an existing septic system, site lighting, planting soil, site restoration, and site cleanup.

BID ADDITIVES: Bid Additive Item #1 – Basalt Pedestals and Benches : Additive work generally includes but is not limited to: procurement, sawcutting, finishing and installation of all Basalt Pedestals and Benches. Bid Additive Item #2 – Pedestrian Lights: Additive work generally includes but is not limited to: procurement and installation of all Pedestrian Lights and associated GFCI Duplex Receptacles. This includes trenching, conduit and wiring specifically for the installation of Pedestrian Lights. Bid Additive Item #3 – Concrete Seat Wall with Elevated Plantings: Additive work generally includes but is not limited to: installation of the Concrete Seat Wall and associated gavel and soil backfilling. In lieu of Bid Additive 3 being accepted, the base bid must include an extension of the concrete paving to cover the area shown as Concrete Seat Wall. Edge of concrete paving per the details.