Small Works BID No. 1910

Bids Due:  JUNE 30, 2017 AT 2:00 PM


Email [email protected] with Questions and to be placed on the Solicitation's Planholder List.


BASIC WORK DESCRIPTION: Provide all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals to construct a paved gravel trail system in Parkland Prairie, a property owned and managed by Pierce County Parks and Recreation Services. Provide all labor, materials, equipment, incidentals and pay all fees for the removal and legal disposal of gravel/soil mounds, Single concrete debris (5 total), and asphalt mounds off of Pierce County Property. The gravel/soil mounds are comprised of a mixture of soil, gravel and large cobbles. The asphalt mounds are comprised of demolished asphalt paving materials of varying sizes. The Single concrete debris (5 total) are the footings for signs with the metal poles still embedded. The metal poles are included in the scope of removal and disposal.


Bids will only be accepted from Contractors who are both listed in Pierce County's Small Works Roster (Maintained by MRSC Rosters) and have an active Washington State Contractor's License at the time the Bids are due. If you are not in the Small Works Roster used for this BID at the time the bids are due, your bid will NOT be considered.