Legal Information Resource for Seniors

Northwest Justice Project

The Northwest Justice Project (NJP) is a not-for-profit statewide organization that provides free civil legal services to low-income people from nine offices throughout the state of Washington. Each year, NJP assists more than 18,000 people in need of critical legal assistance.

NJP operates a toll free intake and referral system called CLEAR (Coordinated Legal Education Advice and Referral), which serves as a critical point of access for clients throughout the state to obtain free legal help, including advice, brief legal service, and, where available, a referral for further representation. In addition, CLEAR maintains an extensive library of legal resources and self-help materials which are provided to callers as appropriate.
  • 715 Tacoma Ave. South
    Suite A
    Tacoma, WA 98402
  • Ph: (253) 272-7879
  • Ph: (888) 201-1015
  • Ph: (888) 201-1014 (CLEAR - Client Intake)
  • Fx: (253) 272-8226
  • Website
Below is a listing of a wide range of online documentation available through Washington Law Help.

Health Care

  • Estate Recovery for Medical Services Paid for by the State
  • How Can I Get Medical Coverage or Help with Medical Bills?
  • Questions and Answers on Medicaid for Nursing Home Residents
  • Medicaid for Adults 65 and Older or Disabled Who Don't Get SSI
  • QMB & SLMB Programs
  • Questions and Answers on the COPES Program

Other Issues

  • Alternatives to Guardianship for Adults
  • Questions & Answers on Guardianship
  • Questions and Answers on Living Wills
  • Questions and Answers on Powers of Attorney
  • Do-It-Yourself Affidavit Procedure for Small Estates
  • Elder Abuse
  • Property Tax Exemption for Seniors and Disabled Persons
  • Quit Claim Deeds/Life Estates
  • Signing Documents When Physically Unable

Senior Bulletins from Washington Law Help

  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Key Medicaid Standards
  • Medicaid Supplementation
  • SSI Information - current year
  • Medicare Information - current year
  • Effect of Marital Separation on Medicaid Benefits
  • Benefits and unrepresented individuals with impaired mental capacity
  • Medicaid and Citizenship
  • Estate Recovery
  • Medicaid issues for people losing SSI benefits
  • SSI cash assistance cuts effective
  • MPC information
  • COPES information
  • Bank Accounts and SSI or Medicaid
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans
  • Emergency Medical Help for Non-Citizens
  • Obtaining Durable Medical Equipment through Medicare
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans
  • SSI Recipients 64+ Who Are Able to Work Can Benefit from Earned Income
  • Supplied Clothing, Shelter or Food and it's Effect on SSI
  • Some things friends can give to SSI recipients