District Boundaries and Maps

PublicGIS – Interactive Mapping 
This County application allows users to explore a vast array of GIS information compiled by Pierce County. Users can turn layers of information on or off to focus in on specific details related to a specific area or specific parcels in Pierce County. By accessing political boundaries, users can see a number of districts including cities and towns, school districts, fire districts, etc.

Use PublicGIS to:

  • Search by address.
  • Generate a map with political boundaries using the Political Theme.
  • Print a map of a specific area, district, or precinct.
  • Download precinct or district data to use in any mapping software.

Election Theme

PublicGIS includes a pre-populated Election Theme with district and precinct boundaries.

  • Layers grayed out will be visible by zooming in or out.
  • Turn layers on and off by checking the box next to a layer.
  • As you zoom in, you will see additional detail.

 Printing a Map
If you want to print a map of a precinct or district from PublicGIS, follow these instructions: 

  • Zoom in or out & center your map to the view you would like.
  • Click on the print icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    map print button highlighted
  • Change the layout & format in the print menu to optimize your map, if preferred.
  • Change the Map title to name your map.
  • Click “print”.
  • Once the map link is generated, click the PDF link for the map in the print window.

Additional Resources 

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Pierce County Legislative District Maps
County Council District Maps
About the 2020 Census
Washington State Redistricting Commission
Geospatial Data Portal (Data is available for download in a variety of formats to use as you choose.)