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Tim Lenk
CCN Chief of Operations
[email protected]

Why become a customer?

The nation, state and local government economies are facing an escalating demand for systems and processes to ensure community safety and security.  With the combination of physical, digital and other threats, the need for a secure and reliable communication system and devices is at an all-time high. The CCN's guiding principles for designing, building, operating, and sustaining the Single County Wide Communications System (SCWCS) at the highest industry standards are:

  • Support our customers strategic business goals for secure and cost effective communications with value added quality service
  • Achieve high level of security measures to mitigate cyber, physical, and technology threats by protecting critical infrasturctures
  • Support our customers with quality services which add value and support at the highest level
  • Provide our customers and stakeholders uniform communication systems which meet current operability and interoperability needs and into the future

Key value of the CCN:

  • Sustains a robust communications network to meet operational requirements for first responders to support communities
  • Sustains regional operable and interoperable communications
  • Provides for cost sharing of operations, maintenance and sustainment through economies of scale
  • Provides opportunities for centralized services to our customers
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