CCN will use generally accepted accounting principles and methods in accounting for all revenues and expenses related to its business.  CCN will follow all applicable accounting and fiscal policies established by the Pierce County Budget and Finance Department, County Code, Pierce Transit and state and federal laws related to its business and accounting.

CCN uses a business model where revenues and reserves cover all expenses as they occur.  CCN’s business model is based on full cost accounting for all expenses associated with providing the products and services.  This model is also referred to as TCO or Total Cost of Ownership.

CCN’s business model assumes continuous work to meet the service and product needs of the SCWCS for at least the next 25 years.  As such, business decisions will be made with a focus on meeting customer needs at the lowest long-term cost.

Joint Finance Committee

The members represent Pierce Transit and Pierce County staff who work on CCN financial components including the annual budget.  

Committee members:

  • Brett Freshwaters, Executive Director of Finance, Pierce Transit Finance
  • Jim Dickman, Budget Manager, Pierce County Finance Department
  • Liz Passmore, Budget & Finance Manager, Pierce Transit
  • Ellen Lenk, Finance Division Manager, Pierce County Emergency Management
  • Kelli Dion, Budget Assistant Manager, Pierce Transit
  • Tim Lenk, Communications System Manager, Pierce County Emergency Management
  • Skip Huck, Executive Director of Maintenance, Pierce Transit

You can find copies of the annual budget documents below:

2019 Annual Budget

2018 Annual Budget

2017 Annual Budget

2016 Annual Budget