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Pierce County Budget Step-by-Step
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Step 1:

Council holds a budget retreat to clarify budget priorities for the upcoming year. 

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Step 2:

The Executive drafts a proposed budget for the upcoming year based on county priorities and department funding requests.  

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Step 3:

The Executive presents the proposed budget to the County Council. 

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Step 4:

The Council holds a series of retreats and Committee of the Whole meetings to gather more information from departments and develop amendments. 

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Step 5:

Council holds the First Reading of the budget draft.  

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Step 6:

Council takes action at the Council meeting and passes the budget. The budget must be passed 30 days prior to year-end. 

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Step 7:

Once the Council has approved the budget it is then sent to the Executive to sign.  

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Step 8:

Once the Executive signs the budget it becomes law and will go into effect January 1 of the following year.