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How will your product be sold to consumers?

  1. Selling Direct to Consumer
  2. Selling on Farm
  3. Selling at Farmers Market
  4. Selling Retail

Pierce County

Agritourism activities are allowed if principal use is agriculture. Other permits may be required including a home occupation or cottage industry permit. See 18A.33.260A and 18A.37.110

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Possible creation of a Group B water system if public being served. If wastewater being generated and needing on-site sewage disposal, approval from Health Department would be required.


State Dept of Licensing handler/dealer license if selling OFF FARM  

How does your product impact the land?

  1. Land Use
  2. Structures
  3. Licensing/Registration
  4. Production & Processing

Pierce County

When expanding or starting a new farm operation, review parcel for any zoning restrictions, critical areas such as floodplain, wetlands and streams, and site development considerations: Each parcel may have specific requirements

Pierce County

If digging new well, site plan for well will be required through Planning & Public Works.

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Well construction application and approval required for exempt (under 5,000 gallons/day/residential) and non-exempt wells:  There are livestock watering use exemptions.

Wa State Department of Ecology

Water rights (if requiring over 5,000 gallons or irrigating more than one half of same acre)

These regulation roadmaps are strictly a guide intended to give producers an idea of the regulations and permits they may need. They do not include all necessary steps that may apply to your farm product. Producers are ultimately responsible for conducting their own research and obtaining the correct permits.