County Balanced Scorecard History

In 2017, County Executive Dammeier directed a core sponsor to team review Pierce County’s existing strategic plan and performance measures to ensure continued relevance and alignment with County priorities. The work of this team resulted in the revisions to the County’s Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Objectives, and Initiatives that are included below. At the direction of the County Executive, this core sponsor team will continue its work by collaborating with departments and others to refine the strategic plan and corresponding department-level performance measures beginning in the fall of 2017.

Pierce County established a County Balanced Scorecard (CBS) Board in 2016 to support the County Executive in implementing and maintaining the County Balanced Scorecard, support departments in submitting annual performance measures that align with the County Balanced Scorecard and annual budget, and review performance measure results. The CBS Board conducted an evaluation of the County’s Balanced Scorecard which led to improved measures and intended results.

In 2013, a core sponsor team was tasked with analyzing and improving the County’s strategic plan. This team, with direction from the County Executive, worked to fine tune the County’s Vision and Mission statements to more clearly make the connection to the work we do each day, refine the number of Strategic Objectives, and reaffirm our County’s values.

In 2011, the County adopted new Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values, and began a process to create strategies for achieving its goals. Departments developed initiatives for each of their Strategic Objectives, but further work was needed to connect the goals and objectives, determine how to measure success, and decide which  initiatives to invest in to produce the intended results.

In 2009, County Executive McCarthy initiated a countywide discussion of strategic planning, which resulted in the development of a Pierce County strategic plan and a comprehensive review of existing Pierce County performance measures.