Terms & Definitions

Strategy Map: Displays the cause-effect relationship among the objectives that make up a strategy. . 

Strategic Objective: Strategy components; continuous improvement activities that must be done to be successful. 

Intended Results: Captures the essence of the strategic objective: 

  • What does this objective mean?
  • What does it include and not include?
  • Why was it selected?

Performance Measure: A description, often quantifiable, of a property of an object, activity, process, or result that enables comparisons across items being compared, or across time. PMs are metrics used to provide an analytical basis for decision making and to focus attention on what matters most. 

Strategic Initiative: Programs or projects that turn strategy into operational terms and actionable items, provide an analytical underpinning for decisions, and provide a structured way to prioritize projects according to strategic impact. 

Tier 1: Overarching organization level strategy plan. 

Cascading: To translate the organization wide strategy plan down to departments / divisions / staff referred to as Tier 2, Tier 3, etc. 

VisionA vibrant Pierce County where people choose to live, work, and raise a family.
MissionThrough collaboration and partnerships, Pierce County delivers efficient, innovative, and reliable public services to enhance our quality of life.

Be honest, ethical, and professional in all actions
PartnershipCollaborate with other to achieve common goals
RespectTreat all people with dignity; be inclusive and consider others’ contributions and opinions
InnovationSeek new solutions and pursue ongoing service improvements
AccountabilityAct in the public’s best interest by being responsible stewards of their resources
Vibrant Communities 
Strategic Objective/GoalIntended Results/Outcome
Safer CommunitiesPeople have confidence they are safe at home, at work and throughout the County
Better Behavioral Health
Residents have access to and options for behavioral health services to support a fulfilling life
Healthier Environment
Future generations have clean, safe and fun places to enjoy the outdoors
Improve Access to Housing
Everyone has a clean, safe place to live
Entrepreneurial Climate
Strategic Objective/GoalIntended Results/Outcome
Lower cost of doing business
Government policies and procedures are streamlined so that companies save time and money
Attract, grow and retain more businesses
Pierce County has a thriving economy
Improve mobility and
People and goods move freely; future growth is planned and supported
Increase workforce readiness
Businesses have access to skilled and trained employees
Effective Government
Strategic Objective/GoalIntended Results/Outcome
Greater accountability for results
Measurement and public transparency drives improved decisions and performance
Stronger regional leadership
Collaborative relationships that result in improved service delivery and regional decisions which reflect Pierce County interests and priorities
Continuously improve customer service
Customers consistently receive high-quality service
Hire, develop and engage 
talented employees
Productive, innovative employees work for Pierce County and recommend it as a great place to work